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Private Party Services
Instant testing which offers immediate results for many abused drugs including spice and bath salts.
Steroid testing.
Hair testing with a 90 day window of detection.
Hair "exposure" testing for children exposed to substances and substance users. 
Unknown substance testing.
Surface "swipe" testing to detect the presence of drugs on commonly handled items such as keyboards and cell phones.
Court admissible DNA testing for paternity and immigration.
Certified laboratory results for drug testing in legal matters.
Off hours testing with rapid response for probation required alcohol and drug screening.
In all cases absolute discretion is guaranteed.

Workplace Services
Federally mandated urine drug screening and breath alcohol testing.
Non-regulated 5-16 panel lab based urine, hair, and oral fluid drug testing.
Non-regulated 12-14 panel instrumented urine drug testing which offers immediate results, with laboratory confirmation for positive results.
Non-regulated saliva alcohol testing. 
Certified MRO review for ALL non-negative test results.
Employee & Supervisory Drug & Alcohol Awareness Training. 
Computer generated randomization and confidential records management.

White Glove Drug & 
Alcohol Testing, Inc.
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White Glove Drug & Alcohol Testing, Incorporated, Drug & Alcohol Screening & Testing, Severna Park, MD